10 Terrible Comedy Movies That Shouldn’t Have Been Made

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Okay, how do I even begin talking about this dumpster fire? First, Movie 43 is an anthology movie split into 14 segments. There are two versions of the opening: one sets up the movie’s following segments to be lousy movie pitches, and the other sets the details up to be some sort of media that can destroy the world.

I will be honest: I have seen this movie (unfortunately, I have seen all the films on this list at some point in my life), but I cannot, with whole-hearted honesty, say I remember the loose “plot” at all. Each segment was individually directed by some of the biggest names in the industry — Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Will Graham, and Jonathan van Tulleken. It stars an ensemble cast that is led by Banks, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Anna Faris, Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pratt, Liev Schreiber, Emma Stone, Jason Sudeikis, and other big names who also appear in storylines not included in the film’s theatrical release. One of its “hilarious”‘ segments is The Catch, which features Hugh Jackman as a man with chin testicles that he unceremoniously slaps into OSCAR WINNER Kate Winslet’s face when he kisses her forehead.

Or maybe Home-Schooled would be your favorite, where Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts play the parents of a home-schooled child they vow to give the whole high-school experience to by bullying him, hazing him, excluding him from parties…his mother being his first kiss…his father professing romantic feelings for him, you know the usual. 

Or maybe you’re a fan of The Proposition, where Anna Farris portrays a woman in a scat play, and when her fiancé (Chris Pratt) ends up getting run over and evacuating his bowels messily, she declares it the most beautiful thing she has seen and accepts his proposal… 

Another one includes OSCAR WINNER Hallie Berry getting a humorous breast enlargement — just pure “comedy” gold. I could go on; every single segment is worse than the last.

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