11 Sprinkler Toys For Kids Perfect For A Summer

11 Sprinkler Toys For Kids Perfect For A Summer

If you can’t make it to a water park when the heat kicks into high gear this summer, investing in some fun outdoor water play is a great way for kids to cool off in their own backyard.

An inflatable pool is a great option for bigger kiddos, especially because there are so many trendy, above-ground pools for adults and kids on the market right now. But if you don’t have the space for a blow-up pool and have access to a hose, a sprinkler toy accessory for kids might be your summer savior.

Outdoor water play sprinklers are fun children’s water toys that work well in small backyards. They’re also ideal if you’re looking for outdoor water toys for toddlers who aren’t yet ready to level up to the big kid pool.

There are plenty of fun inflatable sprinkler toys out there, ranging from attachments that spin and shoot water in the air to blow-up water play mats with slides and waterfall features. Best of all, most of these water toys are under $50.

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