14 Employees Who Got Revenge On Awful Bosses

14 Employees Who Got Revenge On Awful Bosses


“A few years ago I was hired at a doctor’s office. He was condescending to me from the very beginning, but it all boiled over when one of his other (very few) employees announced she was pregnant and going on maternity leave. He flipped out and pulled me aside to discipline me for not knowing how to do things that his manager wife — who routinely threw me under the bus — didn’t train me for. The doc yelled at me, saying something akin to ‘the honeymoon phase is over.'”

“(Note: I’d only been working there for a few weeks!) I was so mad at his attitude that I went on Indeed on my lunch break and applied for another job. Then, BOOM. I took a day off for an interview, got offered the same salary AND benefits, and quit like a day later. I told them that their environment wasn’t a good fit for me and reiterated that the ‘honeymoon phase’ sure was over. He was livid. Three years later, I’m still at this amazing job that I applied to out of spite. Everything happens for a reason!”


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