14 Terrible Mistakes People Have Made


“I worked at a Marine Mammal Rescue Center in Alaska. It could be really fun and rewarding, but the work itself was anything but glamorous. During the training, we were told emphatically ‘when approaching a rehabbing sea lion from the front, you have to hold your breath until you can get to the side – their breath will knock you out.'”

“We laughed but the teacher said ‘oh I’m not kidding.’ Should have taken it more seriously… My first week there, I approach a sea lion we’re rehabbing and when I’m about five feet away, it opened its mouth wider than my head and let out a four-second-long belch, as sea lions are known to do. I immediately fell to the ground puking. Couldn’t think straight for two minutes and felt nauseous most of the rest of the day, and had to go home early.”


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