15 Doctors Shared Health Misconceptions People Believe

15 Doctors Shared Health Misconceptions People Believe


“When we are taking your history, we are not judging you if you just drank a 40 oz, snorted a couple of lines of coke, popped a couple of Vicodin, and shot up a little heroin for good measure right before walking in the door to see us. You NEED TO TELL US. We really, truly, from the bottom of our hearts, do not care that you did it, but if we don’t know, we cannot properly assess you or your situation. You may get misdiagnosed, have unnecessary tests done, or be given a drug that could KILL you.”

“We need to know what is in your system AND/OR if you drink or do drugs on a regular basis. We will not judge you, but we cannot do our job if we don’t know. Of course, we care about you as a person; we wish you wouldn’t drink or do drugs. We might give you a little lecture about how it is negatively impacting your health, but that is because we DO care. Just don’t lie!”


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