15 Reasons To Breakup With Your Significant Other


“Mistrust. If I have to PROVE to them that I am trustworthy when I’ve never given them a reason not to trust me, that’s a no-go. It always start as innocent check-ins at random times, then it’s ‘let me check your phone,’ ‘give me the password to your messenger,’ and escalating their need for control.”

“It comes from them being insecure, not you being untrustworthy. Even if you routinely prove your trustworthiness, it is not going to fix their insecurities, and so they’ll just continue needing more and more.”


“Agreed. I can’t stand people creeping over my personal space to satisfy their insecurities. If you can’t trust me to be loyal to you, then don’t be in a relationship with me. I’m too tired for this teenage angst bullshit. I don’t intend to spend my life coddling and comforting my partner at the expense of my sanity.”


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