17 Confessions That Lead To A Breakup

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“I said while crying because he got angry with me at a restaurant: ‘I am sometimes afraid to tell you how I feel because I’m afraid of how you’ll react.’ And he said, ‘Well, that’s fucking pathetic.'”


“My partner had a habit of starting a convo by asking how I felt about something, then would criticize me for feeling what I felt. It always ended up being a debate about why I felt the way I did. It was never okay for me to feel sad, worried, scared, etc.

Over time, I started to feel anxious when he’d ask questions and purposely responded vaguely, or just straight up said that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing (which would incite anger or more judgment).

Eventually, my response became exactly that. A teary ‘I don’t know if I want to share because I’m worried about how you’ll react/respond,’ and his responses were along the lines of ‘that’s stupid,’ ‘you’re ridiculous,’ ‘don’t be an idiot,’ or ‘seriously?’

I don’t know if it’s because I got so used to it, or from being distracted by all the other bigger things in the relationship, but for some reason, I didn’t even notice that this was another bad thing until reading this comment. It was just…normal.”


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