18 Cleaning Products That’ll Help You Clean Pet Messes

18 Cleaning Products That'll Help You Clean Pet Messes

Promising review: “I confess I can be a lackadaisical housekeeper, which is problematic, since my new dog sheds enough in a week for me to build an entire new dog. What’s worse, vacuuming doesn’t pick up a lot of his fur. This Tineco is magic, though. Not only does it pick everything up (dust, fur, hair, crumbs, Nature’s Miracle, errant Cheerios), but because the wheels are motorized, vacuuming/mopping is a breeze. I get exhausted using my canister vac, but this thing is a blast to use. 

“Here is what I’ve learned: I always use the ‘extra water’ feature, which seems to work better. I clean the dirty water holder and parts every time I empty it, and I run the self-clean cycle after every second emptying session. This means I can do my primary bath and my 10×12 TV room before self cleaning and recharging for a little bit. Or I can do my kitchen and entryway and hall before self cleaning, or my living room. In other words, you’re not going to do your whole house on one battery charge or without running the self cleaning feature several times. Of course, the reason you have to run the self cleaning so often is because this little beauty is picking up So. Much. Stuff. It’s magic. If it broke tomorrow (and I don’t think it will break for a very long time) I would buy another.” —Tsippi

Get it from Amazon for $199.90.

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