19 Parenting Clichés That Parents Are Tired Of Seeing

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“The idea that ‘gentle parenting’ and ‘permissive parenting’ are the same thing. No, we don’t let our kids do whatever they want. YES, we have boundaries, consequences, and accountability! No, we aren’t the parents with awful, uncontrollable kids. Our kids act like children in ways that are developmentally appropriate because we haven’t terrified them into perfectly still silence all the time.”

“We just do all those things while treating them like humans, giving them an appropriate level of autonomy, caring about their opinions, and not physically hurting, shaming, yelling, or punishing them punitively! 

“As someone with an angel of a teenager who has been parented gently/consciously/authoritatively/responsively from birth, it’s EXHAUSTING listening to the dumb stereotypes and people who say it doesn’t work and/or creates shitty kids.”


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