19 Safety Tips To Save Your Life, From First Responders


“Use the ‘Health’ app on your iPhone to enter the medications taken, medical issues, allergies, and everything else medical for you and your family. This way, it’s easily accessible when you’re stressed out and frantic. Make sure the same info is on your family’s phones, too. I’m not familiar with Android phones, but it wouldn’t be shocking for them to have their version of the same app. Better yet, if you or a family member has a medical condition like epilepsy or is allergic to common drugs like penicillin, get them a Medic Alert bracelet, necklace, wristband, shoelace slide-on, watchband clip-on, or any other assorted products. As a nurse who often worked in the ER, we actively looked for and used them, even the wallet cards. We instantly could access whatever medical info you input into their system.”

“When it comes to kids staying with grandparents or family and friends, I can’t count how many times I have been able to access the child’s medical info through Medic Alert, which saved a life. Giving us the number to a pediatrician’s office is helpful, but reaching someone with access to the needed medical records can take hours. A yearly fee varies depending on services and the number of families using the service, but it’s covered under healthcare spending accounts. The fee is tax-deductible, too. Some insurance companies cover the cost of serious medical conditions, and Medic Alert offers free services for those who qualify. Medic Alert can even store your emergency contacts, the contact info for every doctor you see, a copy of your advanced directives, if you’re a registered organ donor, and more. Even putting your medical info on a 3″ x5″ index card, laminating it, and keeping it in your purse/wallet is priceless in an emergency when you are unconscious, your phone is locked and doesn’t have emergency access to the Health app activated, and/or there’s no one with you that knows you’re a type I diabetic or severely allergic to Vancomycin.”


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