2 NFL Head Coaches That Need Fired Right Away

2 NFL Head Coaches That Need Fired Right Away

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Head coaches in the NFL who can’t perform usually see their team firing them.

Fans have seen this already in 2022, with the firing of Matt Rhule in Carolina and Frank Reich in Indianapolis.

However, there are still coaches out there who need to be fired right away.

Of the remaining NFL coaches, which two need to go now?


2. Nathaniel Hackett

Nathaniel Hackett is one NFL coach who’s made plenty of blunders with the Denver Broncos.

His first game as an NFL head coach saw him mismanage the game so badly that people were calling for his firing that night.

However, things for the rookie head coach have continued to get worse, as the Broncos don’t look like a playoff team.

With them adding Russell Wilson to the team, many thought this season was one where the Broncos could reach the playoffs.

But instead of having playoff hopes, Hackett continues to make mistakes with his play calling.

It got so bad that he is now letting the quarterback coach call the offensive plays.

This is a sign he needs to go.


1. Josh McDaniels

The Las Vegas Raiders left 2021 as a playoff team.

They then made a huge trade to upgrade their offense by getting Davante Adams.

However, the play calling and strategy of head coach Josh McDaniels has ruined the team.

Instead of them being a playoff contenders, they are at the bottom of the AFC West.

McDaniels has taken a sure-fire playoff team and turned them into a train wreck.

For this, the Raiders need to fire him as quickly as possible.

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