20 Products Everyone With A Cat Should Have

This mat is water-resistant and has a unique design to not only trap the litter, but keep it between the two layers so you can easily dump it back into the box instead of wasting it.

I swear my cats think it’s a game to throw as much litter out of their box every time they step foot inside it. But now the joke’s on them, this mat makes it incredibly easy to clean up their messes as the majority of the litter gets trapped in the little honeycombs and stored between the two layers. Because of that, you can just wait a little while and eventually open this up and pour it back into the box. That means your house is cleaner AND you are wasting less litter because you can put it back instead of having to vacuum it up and throw it away. That my friends, is what I call a win-win.

Promising review: “I have purchased A LOT of mats that are supposed to help with litter control and have had very little success with finding anything worth using long term. Until now!! I bought two of these mats….one for under the litter box and one for outside in front of the box as the cats jump out and go on their way. So far these mats have caught 99% of the litter! They are very sturdy, yet soft. Before I bought these, I was constantly sweeping litter at the doorway and vacuuming the pieces that somehow made it to the rug. Not anymore!!! These mats catch nearly all litter. They are easy to clean. And very easy to pick up and dump. This will now be my forever go-to mat. And if you don’t have cats and just need something easy to clean to catch outside dirt and such, get this!! Worth every penny!!!” —HB

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes, two-packs, and three colors). 

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