20 Reasons Why Rich Parents Cut Off Their Kids

20 Reasons Why Rich Parents Cut Off Their Kids


And lastly, “I grew up in a farming and military town in SC. One of the rich ones had the last name MacDonald and his family was loaded. Mac was a trust fund baby and never bothered to do anything but suckle from the family teat. About 10 years after graduation, I got together with a bunch of my buddies from back then and had a mini-reunion of sorts. I had just earned my commission in the AF, and a couple of others had as well; one guy, Scotty, owned a small comic and collectibles shop, and my buddy Cory worked for the Post Office. We go out for drinks, and Mac shows up. Mac, being Mac, couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so we got tired of it, paid our tabs, and went to leave. Scott, the comic shop owner, popped off with something along the lines of, ‘At least we’re not still sucking Daddy’s d*** at 30.’ This, dear friends, pushed Mac over the edge. For some reason, rather than taking a swing at Scott, he hit Cory.”

“Now, friends, this is important because Cory works for the Post Office. Not as a postman, or delivery driver, or even in station management. No, he’s a special agent with the US Postal Inspection Service as a liaison agent with the FBI. Several people dogpiled Mac. The local PD arrived, and Mac found out that he had sucker-punched a Federal agent.

The police took everyone’s statements, and Cory definitely wanted to press charges. Mac’s dad somehow caught wind and showed up, screaming up and down at him for embarrassing the family—this was the last straw. In the end, Mac got cut off from the family fortune, ended up doing 6 months in FCI Bennettsville, and from what I’ve heard, is now working for a large burger chain named after a red bird.” 


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