21 School Scandal Stories

21 School Scandal Stories


“The Varsity Captain, Varsity Co-Captain, and the Junior Varsity Captain robbed the pizza place next to my after-school job. They murdered someone I knew who worked there. One of them worked there, and they planned to stage a fake robbery (the other two being the robbers and ‘forcing’ him to open the safe and registers). The shooter was in my psychology class, and all week our teacher would make sure we were doing okay. This happened in the strip mall closest to our high school, so dozens of juniors and seniors worked in the varying businesses there. The shooter would make comments like, ‘Damn, I hope they get him.'”

“One day (maybe that same week even) the police came to school and I’ll never forget how I felt in this moment. The shooter was called to the office during our class — he just stood up, gathered his backpack, smiled at all of us, and said something like, ‘Well, that’s that,’ or ‘about time’ (something that hinted at admission).

Pretty sure I remember they canceled a bunch of games; the joke in town was, ‘Oooh don’t play ______ High. They have a killer football team.'”


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