21 Shocking Family Secrets People Learned From DNA Tests

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“My grandma got a DNA test done because she was sold as a baby and never knew her biological parents, so a family member urged her to do it so we could maybe find them. We found both sides — a half-sister from her bio mom and a half-brother from her bio dad. Although it was kinda weird to realize we have family close by (only 20 miles away in one case), it was much weirder for the bio families to discover my grandma’s existence, since neither side had anything to do with the other.”

“Some more context, this happened back in the ’30s (Depression Era in the US). Her bio mom and bio dad seem to have crossed paths at some point in the same city. He was a married man, and she was an older teen. Not sure if it was a one-night stand or something more nefarious, but her bio mom was pregnant as a result of that night. At some point in her pregnancy, she checked into a home/hospital for pregnant, unwed teen mothers. The bio mom was told the home would find homes for the babies, so she delivered and left. Bio mom went on to marry and have her own family, while bio dad likely never knew of the situation. 

As it would turn out, the home was not adopting babies, but rather selling them. Since my grandma was blonde and blue-eyed, she was bought quickly for a higher price by a woman looking to baby-trap a guy (surprisingly, it worked). My grandma didn’t know until her teens that she was sold.”


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