22 People Who Work With Death Share Weirdest Experiences


“Paramedic here. It was my first ever time working with someone who had a cardiac arrest; I was 19 years old at the time. We get called for a 60-something man, short of breath. We get our stair chair and attempt to get him from his bed into the chair. He collapses, has a syncopal episode, and comes to a few seconds later. We attempt to sit him up so we can lift him onto the chair, and he starts exclaiming, ‘Don’t sit me up; I can’t sit up!’ I say, ‘We have to get you on this chair. We need to get you down the stairs to get you on the stretcher.’ He tells us not to sit him up two more times when I ask him, ‘Why can’t you sit up?’ he says… ‘I’ll show you.’ AND THEN HE FUCKING DIED.”

“I shit you not, his last words (at the time) were: ‘I’ll show you…’ We ended up shocking him, getting him back, got him downstairs where he died again, shocked him, got him back. We did this four or five times before getting him into the resuscitation room in the ER. Every time we shocked him, he would be back almost talking with us, but obviously still out of it since, y’know, he just died and all. I never got to ask him how he knew or what he saw since it was a crazy, dynamic call, but I’ll never forget him looking directly into my eyes, saying, ‘I’ll show you.’ He ended up walking out of the hospital five weeks later. It was so whacky.”


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