23 “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” Stories

23 "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" Stories


“I was a lighting tech on cruise ships, and I started seeing a guy from another country. My period has never been consistent so when I didn’t have one for awhile, I didn’t think anything of it. My diet and lifestyle had also changed since joining the ship so I figured it was just messing up my system a little and I was losing weight from working so much. My contract ended and me and the dude are long-distance. I was getting ready to join my next ship in Asia when his contract on our ship was ending. As soon as he left the ship, he disappeared. He didn’t message me, didn’t video chat and blocked me on everything and I had absolutely no idea why.

“So I join my next ship, determined to just forget this guy. One day, my stomach felt weird. Something was swollen. Pregnancy was a small thought but I was certain that could never happen to me, I was so careful! Stomach continues to feel weird so one day while I have some time off in Thailand, I find a drug store and buy a test. I took it the next morning and it was IMMEDIATELY positive! As this was the first test I’ve ever taken, I went to the ship doctor. They tested me and, yep, it was true. They arranged for me to have an ultrasound the next day in Singapore because you’re only allowed on a ship up until 24 weeks. At my ultrasound, this baby is already an actual baby. The doctor estimated I was about five months in! So I immediately quit smoking and drinking, called my parents and tried to get ahold of dude. He ignored me completely and I had to have a mutual friend tell him. He didn’t want anything to do with me or us. By this time, I wasn’t upset by that. Trying to figure out custody between Canada and Indonesia just sounds complicated. I was really concerned though because I had been drinking and smoking cigarettes *a lot* before I found out. I felt INCREDIBLY guilty. I stayed on the ship another two weeks and then came home and moved in with my parents because I had given up my apartment when I joined the ship. Well, I had my son in 2019 and I’ve NEVER been so in love!! He’s the best thing to ever happen to me and I fully believe this is how everything was supposed to work out! He’s smart, sweet, adorable and hilarious and no health complications from my partying which I’m so thankful for! All in all, worked out pretty damn well!”


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