25+ Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates

25+ Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates

When you’re giving a presentation on strategic planning, there’s no room for mistakes.

Think about it. If you couldn’t plan a proper PowerPoint slideshow, how are you going to convince a group of investors to trust your strategic planning abilities?

Well, there’s no need to get anxious. Making a killer PowerPoint presentation is not that difficult, especially when you have the right template to start with.

Today, we handpicked some of the top strategic planning PowerPoint templates just for you. These templates are hand-crafted by professional designers to ensure they have all the slides and graphics you’ll need for your presentation.

Have a look and see if you can find a template for your project.

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Modern Business Strategy Planning PowerPoint Template

Delivering a more convincing and effective strategic plan presentation will be much easier when you have a bold slideshow design to back your claims. This PPT is perfect for that job. It comes with 32 unique slides featuring lots of charts, graphs, and infographics to show off data and statistics. Each slide and graphic can be customized to your preference.

Marketing Strategy Planning PowerPoint Template

The colorful and modern design of this PowerPoint template will help make your presentations look professional and stylish at the same time. It uses creative slide layouts with bright accent colors to instantly grab the attention. There are 30 unique slides in this template with master slides and free fonts.

Business Project Strategy PowerPoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to design a powerful business strategy presentation for your projects that will win over clients and investors. The template comes packed with 30 slide layouts, including graphic layouts for important business concepts like SWOT analysis. You can also customize the slides to change colors, text, and images.

Social Media Strategy Plan Powerpoint Template

When presenting a strategic plan for a social media marketing campaign, your slideshow has to look more creative and trendy. This PowerPoint template for stratic planning has the perfect design for those presentations. It includes 30 different slides with simple drag-and-drop editing features. As well as lots of other editable master slide layouts.

Customer Acquisition Strategy PowerPoint Slides

If you’re working on a presentation related to customer acquisition, this PowerPoint template kit will come in handy. It includes 20 unique slides for showcasing your data, stats, and key points related to customer acquisition strategy. It has funnels, roadmaps, timelines, and various other useful infographic layouts too.

Isometric SEO Strategic Planning PPT Free

Creating a strategic planning presentation for your SEO projects will get much easier when you have this PowerPoint template. It includes 33 fully customizable slides with colorful shapes, illustrations, and typography. It’s completely free to use.

Free Strategic Planning Infographics for PowerPoint

If you’re looking for a specific infographic to showcase data in your strategic planning slideshows, this free template might help. It has 30 different slides with useful charts, infographics, and graphs for showing off stats and data in your presentations.

Creative Strategy Planning Powerpoint Template

Sometimes, you have to add some color and creativity to even some of the most complex presentations to make them fit in with your brand and industry. This strategic planning PowerPoint template is a great example of that concept. It has the perfect design for presentations related to lifestyle, social media, and fashion business strategies. The template has 35 unique slides.

MARKENCY - Marketing Strategy Powerpoint Template

This strategic planning template is designed with a modern and stylish layout. It’s ideal for making slideshows related to marketing strategies and promotional campaigns. There are more than 40 different slides included in this template with lots of vector graphics, editable charts, icon packs, and more.

Sales Strategy Planning Powerpoint Template

If you’re working on a strategic plan for your sales presentation, this PowerPoint template will help you craft the perfect slideshow for your project. The template includes 30 clean slide layouts that you can fully customize to change colors, fonts, and add images.

Simple PowerPoint Template for Marketing Strategy Planning

You can use this PowerPoint template as a canvas to create a more complex slideshow for strategic planning presentations. There are 20 master slide layouts in this template in standard and widescreen designs. You can edit and customize them however you like to add your data, diagrams, charts, and more.

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template features a flexible multipurpose slide design that you can use to create strategic planning slideshows for various types of digital marketing projects and businesses. There are over 40 unique slides in the template with infographics, charts, and vector graphics. It comes fully animated too.

Creative Sales Strategy Plan Free PowerPoint Template

A free PowerPoint template for making a sales strategy plan presentation. It has colorful and creative slides featuring fun illustrations. You can also customize the slides to your preference. There are 31 slides in this template.

Strategy in 6 Steps - Free Strategic Planning PPT

This free strategic planning PowerPoint template features a clean and minimalist design. It will allow you to neatly organize your strategic plan into 6 steps. There are 39 unique slides to describe those steps in more detail.

Brand Strategy Planning PowerPoint Template

Use this PowerPoint template to create a powerful presentation to showcase your branding strategy plan. It comes with 29 sleek and modern slides featuring aesthetic designs. They are all fully animated and include beautiful typography to accentuate your key points. It’s perfect for high-end and luxury brands too.

Project Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template

This is one of the most professional-looking strategic planning PowerPoint templates on our list. It has a bold color theme that spreads across the entire slideshow. It also uses accent colors to highlight the key points in the presentation. There are 30 customizable slides in this template.

Business PowerPoint Template for Strategic Planning

Whether you’re working on a strategic plan presentation for an agency, small business, or corporate brand, this PowerPoint template has all the slide layouts you’ll need. There are more than 70 unique slides included in this template. And it comes in 20 color themes as well as a massive icon pack with 4,000 icons.

Marketing Strategy Plan PowerPoint Template

You can deliver a more convincing strategic plan presentation for your marketing projects with the help of this template. It features 25 unique slides with a creative color theme. You can also customize each slide to change images, edit fonts, and even change the colors to match your branding.

Business Strategy PowerPoint Infographics Slides

This PowerPoint template has plenty of useful infographic slides that will be quite useful for your strategic planning presentations. There are 17 unique infographic slides in the template with 12 different color schemes to choose from. That makes it a total of 204 slides in the template.

Minimalist SEO Strategy Plan PowerPoint Template

Another free PowerPoint template for making a strategic plan presentation for your SEO and marketing projects. The template comes with 29 unique slides featuring bold and creative slides.

Moovia - Free Strategic Planning PPT For Social Media

Download this PowerPoint template for free to design a stylish and trendy presentation to showcase your strategic plan. This template is made with social media marketing in mind. And it includes 32 different slides.

Brand Strategy & Direction Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template is perfect for making all types of brand strategy planning presentations. It has a set of modern slides featuring bold and elegant colors. There are 36 unique slides included in this template with easily editable designs.

Solvro - Marketing Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template

If you want to make your strategic planning presentations look strikingly attractive, this PowerPoint template will surely help. It features vibrant colors mixed with a darker theme to instantly attract attention. This template also has 36 different slides.

Gradient PowerPoint Template for Strategic Planning

This strategic planning PowerPoint template is for fans of gradient colors. There are lots of customizable and beautiful slides in this template with cool gradient color schemes. There are 30 unique slides in the template for your to choose from.

Vertical Business Strategic Plan PowerPoint Template

Vertical PowerPoint slideshows are quite useful for both digital and print presentations. You can print them as documents too. This template features a set of vertical slides that are perfect for those types of slideshows. It comes in A4 and US Letter sizes as well as in 5 different color themes.

Sales Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates

You can use this PowerPoint template to add lots of powerful statistics, reports, and surveys to your strategic planning presentations. It includes 30 different infographics, charts, timelines, and graphs related to sales strategy planning.

Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template for Business

This template features a very professional slide design made specifically for delivering strategic planning presentations related to modern brands and corporate agencies. The template has 25 unique slides with free fonts, icon packs, editable vector graphics, and much more.

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