27 Cleaning Products That Do The Job *Fast*

Promising review: “Turns out that brown stuff in your cups isn’t stained metal, it’s a thin layer of caked on, old, disgusting coffee/tea. But the photos speak for itself — it’s worth the buy. All these years, scrubbing and washing and trying everything to get this gunk in our mugs off, I could’ve been using these to get our cups clean in minutes. It works fast, deep cleans really well, and doesn’t leave a funky bleach smell after use – our cups look brand new!

BE WARNED — when using it with hot water, FILL YOUR CUPS ONLY HALFWAY FULL OF WATER! The tablet was WAY more powerful than expected; it was like putting mentos in Diet Coke. It will eventually calm down and you can add more hot water later on, but that initial drop is intense, so buyer beware. Regardless, the results are worth the few extra bubbles.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in different pack sizes).

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