27 Creepy, Unexplainable Stories Reddit

27 Creepy, Unexplainable Stories Reddit


“When I was about 13 or 14 years old, two friends and I found a house in the middle of the woods that just didn’t make sense. We were all neighbors, and along all three of our houses was a very large wooded area. It ran a few miles back and became a state forest. We had run around those woods plenty of times and even had areas we’d recognize as we went. This particular day, we followed a ravine that was sometimes a stream, but was dry at the time. That part is important, because we followed that same ravine several times after that and never could find the house again. When I say the house didn’t make sense, I mean it.”

“It was a white trailer — I’d say a double-wide. There was white underpinning along the bottom. It was a poor country area, so that’s not uncommon. But, it was unusually clean. Like, brand new, perfectly white. But, that’s still not the weird part. It didn’t have doors, or windows, or a driveway. We were in the middle of the woods. The entire walk through the woods was full of bushes, thorns, spiderwebs, bugs, vines, logs — woodsy stuff. But, this was a clearing of flat grass, like someone mowed the area. 

We weren’t afraid or anything while we were there. There really wasn’t anything remarkable about it, and that’s honestly what makes it so weird to think about to this day. We just walked around it for a bit, said it was kinda weird, and we went back on our adventure. Eventually, we all just went home. I’m still friends with both of the other kids. We’re in our 30s, and I’m even going to a wedding for one of them this weekend. We’ve talked about it since, and the story still just doesn’t add up. My parents still live in that house, and we spent years after that day exploring the woods all the time. Never found it again.”


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