27 Products That Work Just As Well As Their Pricier Versions

“I have used these for years, and I literally buy them in bulk so that I’m never caught without them. I really can’t sing the praises of these enough — they make my cystic acne heal faster, whether by sucking puss out of active breakouts or by curbing the beginning of pimples through keeping my hands the heck off them. I like to keep them on overnight, and they’re clear and unobtrusive enough that I’ll usually use them during the day when needed, too. Different sizes are included so you can customize to different blemish sizes, or simply use smaller patches during the daytime and larger ones at night, lol. This is the product I’m constantly raving to my friends about, and TL;DR: It’s my desert island item. You cannot go wrong with these. Plus, they’re super affordable for the amount you get, and especially for the benefit they provide.” —Haley Zovickian

Promising review: “I have been using these hydrocolloid patches for years now. They are MILES better than the overpriced Mighty Patches. Great price for the amount. I use these over my pimples or blackheads instead of makeup now, and the difference in healing time is actually astounding. They blur the appearance of the blemishes so you don’t need concealer, while drawing out all the nastiness and reduce inflammation. They are also great if you have anxiety and pick your skin like me. I will be purchasing these forever and ever :)” —Maya

Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four pack sizes)

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