28 Products That’ll Make A Real Impact In Your Garden

28 Products That'll Make A Real Impact In Your Garden

Gardinnovations is a Bridgewater, New Jersey-based small biz that specializes in gardening tools and accessories. 

Promising review: “Okay, I’m a gadget fan, and this is a GREAT gadget. At 17 inches long, it works for any kind of in ground, container, or raised bed. Good weight, sturdy. Gives nice, straight, easy-to-space rows. The points are 1 inch apart. Nice spacing for easy thinning, or just seed every second or third or fourth divot depending on what you are planting. For those who think it might be too deep, easy enough to adjust that for your needs. Have personally found that even lettuces come up stronger for slightly deeper than recommended planting depth, then again, live in the hot dry desert. All in all, a great idea and good quality tool.” —Candace Delaney

Get it from Gardinnovations on Etsy for $24.95.

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