28 Summer-Ready Clothing Pieces For Big Boobs

28 Summer-Ready Clothing Pieces For Big Boobs

Straight Tape is waterproof, sweat-proof, and created with medical-grade, latex-free materials. Each roll is approximately 15 feet long and available in two widths. And here are some nipple covers by Goodlines to keep them protected underneath the tape!

THIS is my favorite boob tape of all time, like if I have a dress that’s backless, off-shoulder, or low cut, this is the second thing I purchase (after the garment of course). The straight tape is designed for larger chests, so you can customize it to your needs and essentially create the perfect tape bra. My main tip is: while applying it, make sure to constantly check out the way the garment fits and have scissors on hand for cutting any angles that might be peeping out with your cleavage. Depending on the event, if you’re moving around a lot, chances are someone might peep the tape, but that’s why the nude colors are fantastic, and honestly, as long as the girls are held in place and covered…who cares? And absolutely saturate the tape in baby oil or coconut oil during removal, and then saturate your boobs afterwards. If you try to remove the tape without doing this you will end up with welts and possibly scarring the next day because the adhesive is SO strong. TRUST ME!

Promising review: “They can up their sizes now! I’m an L cup, yes L as in Larry! I went to a festival and followed the tape instruction videos, and even with the heat and sweat of the festival, my boobs stayed in place! I used two different tape methods and the tape was easy to remove. I have very sensitive skin and it didn’t bother it at all. Love it!” —Chrisdionne S.

Get it from Good Lines for $19.95 (available in five colors, two adhesive strengths, and 2-inch or 3-inch widths).

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