29 Products So You Can Fix Things Around Your Home Instead Of Shelling Out To Replace Them

The battery-operated model does need two AA batteries to work!

Promising review: “This is amazing!!! I have a chair that when my cats were kittens, they shredded. It was brand new, and they destroyed it within six months. I live alone and no one ever comes over, so I just deal with the chair with dreams of reupholstering it someday. I’ve seen articles for defuzzers but never used one and always thought they were for sweaters or things that have just balled up, not that had entire threads ripped out. A few days ago I saw someone’s review for this one, used on loose threads, so I immediately bought it. It arrived today, and I used scissors to trim the threads. It was so easy to use and did an amazing job! I spent probably 90 minutes total doing my entire oversized chair and then spot-cleaned it. It looks brand new! I have my awesome chair back! I almost donated this chair a hundred times over the last four years but didn’t want to part with it. Now I’m so glad I didn’t. $12 and less than two hours of my time, and my favorite chair is restored. I’m so happy!!” —StormyMorning

Get it from Amazon for $13.30+ (available in five colors)

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