30 Products To Help Solve Problems Everyone Deals With

30 Products To Help Solve Problems Everyone Deals With

I suffer from hormonal acne — it’s just something that I have come to terms with and will have to deal with for many more years to come, and while it’s not fun, these acne patches make it sooo much easier. When I have a pimple about to come to a head, I pop one of these babies on it before bed and then peel it off along with all the gunk it pulls out. It definitely helps speed up the process, and they’re gentle on my sensitive skin!

Promising review: “These patches are the only reliable way to shrink an existing pimple. I always get pimples that swell up but won’t come to a head. I’ve tried all the lotions, creams, salves, hot compresses, etc. Nothing worked on existing pimples. But these patches take the swelling right down. For really bad ones, it sometimes takes a couple of days of wearing the patches, but it will go away (much faster than the one to two weeks it always takes if I just do nothing). Plus, the patch keeps you from touching or picking at it.” —snowmentality

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