33 Cleaning Items That Will *Certainly* Get The Job Done

Humble Suds is a Denver-based Etsy shop creating plant-based cleaning solutions that are safe, effective, and come in cute packaging (Bonus!).

BuzzFeed writer Danielle Healy has this and says, “Shortly after moving in to my current apartment, my partner and I went to store something on the top of the kitchen cabinets only to find them caked in a thick layer of grime 🤢 After going at it with regular multipurpose cleaner (with little success) we broke out the scour paste as a last-ditch effort and OH BOY did this miracle product deliver (pics above). After handling all that grossness, it’s had no problem with day-to-day messes like soap scum and burnt-on food. Plus, it smells delightful and comes in minimal, low-waste packaging!”

Promising review: “Buyer beware: don’t buy just one!! Learn from mistake, and buy at least two jars because this stuff is INCREDIBLE. I used it on my textured shower floor and it was EASIER to clean, required less scrubbing, than any other product I’ve used, including CLR. If you have black matte bathroom fixtures, this is the stuff you need. My shower and sink drains look brand new. My other favorite part about this scour paste, is the fact that I don’t need to use any paper towels. Just a wet rag to wipe it all down at the end. I will be buying more jars for myself and to give to my friends because this stuff is absolutely amazing. You won’t regret it!” —littleashleyshortcak

Get it from Humble Suds on Etsy for $11.96+ (originally $15.95+; available in two sizes).

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