33 Products You Haven’t Heard Of, But Will Want

33 Products You Haven't Heard Of, But Will Want

Check out a TikTok of the E.l.f. tubing mascara in action. 

I am not a new human to the tubing mascara game, and in fact readily spent $26 on the famous OG blend from Blinc every time it needed replacing. I didn’t even love it for the length half as much as the fact that tubing mascara like this genuinely never smudges, but can I just say — regardless of price, the E.l.f. tubing mascara formula blows all the others I’ve tried out of the water. It gives me way more length and volume than other brands, slides on so much more easily, stays put ALL day, and never, ever smudges. My favorite part, though, is how gently and easily it comes off with soap and water. In the past, other mascara removals have felt rough on my lashes, but this comes off so fast that I’m like ??? was I even wearing mascara a minute ago?? Anyway, I hesitate even writing this review because I want to gatekeep the hell out of this before it sells out, but the world needed to know. I’m a big fan of the brown shade (which is what I’m wearing above!), but it also comes in black and soft black. 

Get it from Amazon for $7 (available in three shades). 

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