34 Divorce Lawyers Revealed Their Wildest Stories

34 Divorce Lawyers Revealed Their Wildest Stories


“I was acting for the wife in a divorce, and we were trying to negotiate the settlement of their midsized property pool split. The husband was still living in the marital home. She proved to be a difficult client, and I didn’t look forward to representing her. One day, I got an email from her. She had decided to let herself into the marital home while he was at work with the keys she has still retained, go through the husband’s desk, read all the privileged legal correspondence between the husband and his lawyer regarding the relative strengths, weaknesses, etc. of his case, take photos of all said correspondence, and send it to me.”

“As soon as I realized what I was reading, I immediately closed the email, and she called me almost exactly the same time, very triumphant and determined to change her whole strategy to take advantage of this newly ill-gotten information. She was most put out when I informed her that what she had done was not only highly illegal, but I was going to have to withdraw as her representative, AND I had an ethical obligation to inform the other side of the breach of confidence. She literally could not get her head around the fact that not only was what she did legally wrong, but it was also extremely morally messed up.”


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