34 Secrets People Refuse To Tell Their Parents

34 Secrets People Refuse To Tell Their Parents


“I couldn’t tell my biological dad that I feel as if I don’t have parents, and sometimes when I can’t give enough context I will also tell people I do not have parents and that mine are dead.”

“I hold a lot of hatred and resentment towards my dad for being gone my whole childhood. he doesn’t feel like a parent to me, because he never raised me. He knows. But I can’t tell him. I act like I’m happy to have him back and try to act like a good daughter, as if he’s ever been a father. As a young adult, I realized he never was.

I have no parents. The people who ACTUALLY raised me are dead. The one ‘dad’ i have left doesn’t feel like my dad, at all; I’m much closer to my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins than I am to him.

It’s hard to build that kind of relationship when you’re both adults now; it will NEVER be the same. It would break his heart if he knew. He’s guilty enough already.”


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