35 Items With A Fancy Vibe For Those On A Cheap Budget

The noise-canceling is 95%, so reviewers say if you’re looking for 100% cancellation, you might want to splurge on the name brand.

Here’s what BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer has to say: 

“I actually just bought these after featuring them for the first time — I’ve been considering buying the AirPods Max, but I am very particular about how headphones fit — and am sensitive to my ears overheating after wearing certain on-ear headphones for too long. So, instead of (or before) committing to the $500 version, I thought trying these for a test run would be good. Turns out, I love them so far! They’re super comfortable and do *not* make my ears overheat. The sound quality to my non-expert ears is excellent too! And the noise-canceling is right for me — it blocked out annoying street noise so I could be fully immersed in my tunes.” 

Promising review: “These headphones are one of the best purchases I could’ve made. For starters, the presentation of the headphones is amazing. It comes in a silky oval-shaped bag, with a couple of options for audio input. In terms of video/audio, they are IN-SYNC! The girls that get it get it. Some headphones tend to have a delay, but these do not! When on the highest volume, they are pretty easy on the ears. Not only this, but I’ve been fascinated by the longevity of the battery life. I’ve used these headphones for about 4-5 hours consecutively over a matter of days and still have over 50% battery life. These are, by far, the best headphones I’ve had, and would recommend to everyone.” —Ken

Get them from Amazon for $69.99.

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