36 First Date Fails That’ll Scare Single People

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“The date started normal and fine. I was visiting town and wanted to have some fun, and I found him on Tinder. He was taking me to a bunch of different bars in the area that he liked. Then, randomly, halfway through, while walking to another bar, he did a 180 and started berating me and getting snarky, saying, ‘You women hate short guys like us.’ What???? He was short, yes, but I hadn’t said anything?? I didn’t draw any attention to something that didn’t seem to matter. And, I was ON the date! I chose to go out with him! We were having fun! It’s not like he’d tried anything and I turned him down. To this day, I’m baffled as to what made him snap.”

“Was he expecting me to randomly throw myself at him at some point? Was I supposed to try to cut the date short and insist on sleeping with him right then and there, or what? I just stood there while he gave me, the woman who gave him a chance, crap for stuff other women apparently made him feel. Then, I tearfully said, ‘I thought we were having fun, but thanks for making me feel like sh*t,’ and I literally ran away, leaving him standing in the street. Then, I blocked him like the madman he was. I felt bad for him, but not enough to accept abuse when I did nothing to deserve it. Ask me why I only dated tall, confident men after that.”


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