37 Products Reviewers Say They’d Recommend To Anyone

Promising review: “It works!! You just roll it up and down a surface and it picks up the pet hair!! I’ve used it on the bed, couch, and cat tree! It’s very easy to use and when you press the button it pops open so that you can clean it out. One thing I will say is that trying to get every hair and fuzzy from the container is a little bit frustrating, but I’m still very satisfied because at least I can clean out the majority, even if a few hairs get left in the canister. I recommend it to anyone who has pets that shed. It works better than vacuuming hair off of surfaces or using tape or a lint roller, and it’s very quick!!” —Myrtle

Here’s more from BuzzFeed Shopping editor Jenae Sitzes (those are her photos above!): 

I’ve been using the ChomChom for quite a while now, but I took the photos above literally just now to show just how quick, easy, and effective this roller is. It took 10 seconds to rid my velvet couch ottoman (yes, velvet…a terrible cat owner choice, I know) of the hair my two gray kitties are constantly leaving everywhere. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of using this roller — at first, I thought you only brushed down in one direction, and was confused why it wasn’t picking up hair. It’s important to do a push-and-pull brushing in *both* directions so it actually pulls the hair inside, which does require you to apply a bit of pressure. Afterward, you’ll just dump out the hair that’s been trapped inside.”

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in four colors). 

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