37 Products With Serious Golden Retriever Energy

37 Products With Serious Golden Retriever Energy

Each book comes with 50 “challenges” you can scratch off — it’s a surprise until you commit to scratching it off! You get a few hints about whether it involves food or needs supplies, but other than that it’s a ~mystery~. You can take pictures and notes of each challenge, so then over time the book becomes a scrapbook of cool memories. 

The Adventure Challenge is a small business that specializes in themed activity guides and experiences to suit all lifestyles. 

Promising review: “Amazing way to find yourself. This book is well put together. Hard back, with scratchers and ready to stick pages. I love ideas to get out and about and really connect to yourself. Love, love, love this.” —Dawn Chaplin

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (price shows in cart; also available in a friends, couples, and family edition!). 

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