Do you want to capture more leads from your blog?

When running a blog, one of your goals should be to convert as much traffic as you can into leads. Capturing more leads will help increase revenue as you will have an audience to promote your courses, services and products to.

You can also take advantage of leads and increase traffic as you can share your latest blog posts. This will especially increase repeat traffic which only makes up 20% of daily visits (80% are new). When people visit your blog again, it begins the nurturing process and they begin to trust you. Hence, they will be more likely to buy from you or hire you.

There are plenty of tactics out there for generating leads. On one end of the spectrum, there’s the tried-and-true method of publishing a downloadable ebook and gating it behind a landing page form. On the other end of the spectrum are sophisticated tools for content audience intelligence analytics that can help you identify anonymous site visitors, so you can reach out to them and offer assistance. And in between are the below tactics, which require relatively little maintenance but support highly targeted messaging for maximum audience resonance.

Run high converting quizzes

A lead capturing technique that has been picking up plenty of pace lately is quizzes. This is where you set up an automated quiz which asks your blog visitors a bunch of questions and at the end the quiz directs them to an optin form where they can download a lead magnet like a report or an ebook.

Most people who take part in the quiz will sign up for the report as the lead magnet that is shown is very relevant to the answers they submitted. It gives them exactly what they are looking for.

But for this to work you need to do a lot of audience research and ask the right questions. You also need to create several lead magnets as for high conversion rates you need to offer very specific gated content.

Brianna Brenner of Spiked Parenting for example increased her blog conversion rate by 233% by using the above quiz for just two weeks. Her average weekly sign ups went up to 70 from 30 after implementing the quiz. I recommend that you test out the quiz and see how it works. Based on your answers it provides 16 different results, so it should definitely give you several ideas on how to set up yours.

After you go through the above quiz think about your audience and get inside their minds. Then write down all the problems they have and create a quiz that asks the questions they want to answer.

Create content upgrades for each blog post

Another lead capturing method that provides massive conversion rates is content upgrades. A content upgrade is a lead magnet that is created specifically for one blog post. They have unbelievable conversion rates as the topic of the upgrade is highly relevant to the topic of the blog post.

An example of a blogger who consistently uses content upgrades is Brian Dean of Backlino. As you can read here, he has achieved great results with them. In this post Brian explains how he created a checklist on Google ranking factors for his blog post on the same topic and it increased conversions by 785%.

All readers need to do is click on the link and sign up with their email address to get the checklist.

You don’t have to break your back to come up with time consuming lead magnets. A checklist based on the topic of the post they are reading should be enough. Other simple lead magnets you can create are short videos, PDF versions of blog posts (especially if they are long) to read later, etc.

A perfect example of this is illustrated in this video Tutorial for Using LeadBoxes.

Promote webinars with ads

If you want to combine the above organic lead generation methods with some paid methods I recommend you try out webinars as they have a high conversion rate. Adobe for example were able to get a registration rate averaging at 51% with their webinar landing pages.

For best results make sure you run highly targeted ads and pick a webinar topic most of your readers will like. Also create a powerful landing page that promotes the webinar as a one time live event as this is the factor that produces the really high conversion rates.

And make sure you regularly send reminders via email and SMS so that most of the registrants attend.

You can use webinars to convert organic traffic as well, but your conversion rate won’t be very high. So use a mix of both organic and paid traffic to promote live webinars. For converting organic traffic you can use recorded webinars.

Webinars are also very good at converting attendees to buyers so make sure you sell some products or services at the end.

Try retargeting to reach people who didn’t sign up

No matter how many techniques you use most of the people who visit your website will not convert to leads. To convert these people you should use an ad technique called retargeting. This is where you install a pixel provided by the social network or search engine on your website. The pixel tracks website visitors so when you create an ad you can target the same people who visited your website.

They work best when you target people who visited a certain part of your website instead of everyone because you can display very relevant ads.

Most top sites like Linkedin, Google, Facebook and Pinterest allow you to retarget blog visitors. But make sure you have a different ad strategy for each social network as they have their own restrictions and best practices.

Implement these potent tactics to capture more leads now

These are the 5 tactics you can use to convert more leads from your blog. They require some extra effort when compared to regular lead generation techniques, but they are worth it as they help you convert more leads. This in turn will help you increase revenue.

Do you use any of the above tactics to capture more leads from your blog? Which other techniques do you use? Please leave your comments below.

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