41 Amazon Finds So Good You’ll Want Them At Your Doorstep ASAP

41 Amazon Finds So Good You'll Want Them At Your Doorstep ASAP

Wonderskin is a woman-owned small business!

Promising review: “Y’ALL. I am 50-something years old and have tried every ‘long wear’ and ‘stain’ there is, from department store robbery level to ‘bitten’ or whatever the vampire lip stain Revlon had out a while back. At my age, I longed for a lip color that didn’t leave my telltale wrinkled lip impression on a glass. But alas, all of the long-wear formulas were disappointing, dull, and, most of all, DRY. I was skeptical, but I have spent way more on crappy lip potions that I won’t use but apparently keep to torture myself about my wasteful spending. The purple was shocking, and the first time I used it, I sprayed and peeled pretty quickly, lest I end up with 1978 Donna Summer disco-era hologram lips that I definitely could not pull off in my office. And to my amazement, that stuff STAYED ON. Not dry, not seeping into cracks, not sticky, not weird tasting, not staining my teeth. Just like a ‘bitten lip’ — a slightly tinted natural color was there. The longer you let it sit, the darker it gets. After a FEW glasses of wine, pasta drizzled with a really good olive oil, salad, and dessert, there’s STILL some color! Stayed on through smooches, too.” —Kelly K.

Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in 27 shades).

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