41 Products Reviewers Say You Should “Stop Looking” For, Because These Are The Best

41 Products Reviewers Say You Should "Stop Looking" For, Because These Are The Best

When it comes to vitamin C, this formulation is on the stronger side, so you should do a patch test before using! And make sure you use SPF after (tbh as you should every morning)! Though the bottle looks small, reviewers say it’ll last you several months with daily use.

Promising review: “Magic potion. Where has this been all my life? This stuff is amazing! At 31, I am trying to take care of my skin more as I noticed my face looks “tired.” I started to use this and saw immediate results. I apply it after washing/using a derma roller and follow up with applying moisturizer afterward. My husband has even noticed a difference after using a week and has said things like “your face is glowing”, “your face looks radiant”, “you look different, younger”, “whatever you are doing is working”. Bottom line, if you’re in search of an anti-aging serum, stop looking and buy this.” —J.D.M.

Promising review: “I should have started using this years ago! I’m in my mid-30s, and I’ve tried everything, including much more expensive brands, Korean skincare, Japanese skincare, etc., but I’ve always had breakouts and problems with texture. This is by far the best vitamin C product I’ve tried. I’ve tried multiple vitamin C serums in the past, but they always broke me out or had a slimy or gritty texture. This serum has a smooth texture, soaks in quickly, does not pill with other products, and has noticeably cleared up my skin.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $21.97+ (available in two sizes).

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