45 Reliable Products You’ll Want To Add To Your Cart

45 Reliable Products You'll Want To Add To Your Cart

Promising review: “I bought this fan to take on a trip to Japan. The trip was during the summer, which is just ridiculous heat and humidity. I’m from a hot climate and this heat was truly unreal. People, when I tell you that this fan SAVED me…I’m not kidding! 

I particularly enjoyed that the fan is also a flashlight (which I used on more than one occasion) and can charge your phone in a pinch! And it does, indeed, do both of these things really, really well! I used this for at least 8 hours straight every single day of a 15-day trip, and I charged it once (I’m not even sure I needed to). The charge on this thing is amazeballs.

It might seem like it wouldn’t do much, but this fan, and its two wonderful speeds, literally kept me from being overheated. Moving it around and not just focusing on my face was also helpful. In short, BUY THIS. Also, I wasn’t even remotely the only person carrying one of these, from locals to other tourists. So as far as getting around in the extreme heat, no matter the continent, if you know, you know!” —La Cinema

Get it from Amazon for $14.39+ (available in five colors).

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