5 Must Have Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Microsoft recently(January 15, 2020) unveiled The Edge Browser based on Chromium(Chrome without Google). It took the internet by storm and Today, I’d like to talk about the extensions I believe are a must-have in Edge.

uBlock Origin is to put it simply an ad & tracking blocker. It’s the best in the bunch and I recommend it for security. But I also recommend it for pleasure. To be honest, no one likes watching content with ads in between unless of course, it’s relevant, but I rarely encounter relevant ads. I believe in supporting the Youtuber or Blogger trying to make money through ads but the fact that most ads are a pain as they are not relevant and just come in at the wrong times. So uBlock Origin helps keep them at bay, I suggest dedicating time to allow ads to run only on your favorite channels(Psst Including mine
) and blogs.

I mean, what can I say, there’s no greater joy than watching a video as you work. Especially now, working while watching a video on YouTube(at 1.5 the speed) is the true meaning of productivity. It’s even great for coding tutorials.

In this day and age, people are losing their grammar and no I’m not kidding. It’s a real problem. So why not add Grammarly to Edge and watch your grammar problems fly away?

Their quote: “To err is human; to edit, divine.”

After the recent leak of Lastpass data and the memory problems of the human brain, I now recommend everyone to not only get a password manager but to specifically get BitWarden. BitWarden has been the password manager of choice for 2 years now and I have no issues or regrets. I mean, it’s great and I am recommending it to you. It’s cross-platform, there’s an extension for major browsers, there are apps for your mobile phone and there’s even desktop software. Get it!

5. Wappalyzer
(Specifically for Web Devs and Curios people)

Wappalyzer lists website software. Nowadays there is so much software you can use to build and host websites. Wappalyzer helps you by listing these technologies for you to better understand your favorite website.

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