56 Things That Make A Colossal Difference With Results Photos

56 Things That Make A Colossal Difference With Results Photos

BTW, this product is designed specifically for drains clogged with hair! For a different drain cleaner, check out this one!

Having never read a review of this product, I used it and now I’m furious I didn’t do a before and after photo. My shower drain, which had hair from previous tenants, soap scum deep in there, and more grossness from before I moved in five months ago…is now 98% clear and looks like a completely new drain. The hair that is still there is attached to my handy dandy drain cover, so no biggie to get rid of. This was the easiest drain product I’ve ever used and it didn’t require me to even look at the nastiest lurking down there. All I had to do was pour the entire bottle (I poured most of it, but I was skeptical, so I saved some just in case), let it sit for 15 minutes, and then pour hot water down the drain. For this, I boiled water in my tea pot and poured it down the drain and everything is gone! I could cry. This is my new go-to drain product from now on — so if your drain is gross and you want nothing to do with it, definitely grab a bottle of this!

Promising review: “Our drain was super clogged with hair and soap scum! Three women, a golden retriever and a golden doodle! So when I say super clogged, I mean SUPER CLOGGED. No water was draining. I tried to use one of those sticks that you put down the drain to pull hair out and I got very little. I started a big pot of water on the stove, but I didn’t let it get to a boil. I poured the whole pot of water in and BAM, the tub took a second and it drained. Honestly, I thought I was at the point of having to call a plumber, so I was shocked. I turned the water on and filled up the tub just to see what happened, and it kept draining perfectly! We’re at about a month later and she’s still draining like a champ! So, I would recommend this product a million times over, 10/10!” —Ian

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

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