6 Expert Tips To Avoid Lost Luggage

6 Expert Tips To Avoid Lost Luggage

When it comes to air travel, we’re taught that the earlier you get to the airport, the better. And for the most part that’s true — but checking in too early comes with risks.

“If you show up four to six hours pre-departure to check in, luggage might go into a holding area instead of sorted into the area for your flight,” Hull said. If this happens, your bag can get lost more easily. 

If your luggage does happen to get lost, it’s important to alert the airline as quickly as possible. “If your luggage is lost, report it to the airline’s baggage service counter as soon as possible. Provide them with a detailed description of your bag and any unique identifiers,” Trifari said. “Sometimes, reaching out to the airline on social media can expedite the process. Many airlines monitor their social media accounts closely and respond quickly to public posts.”

With that in mind, these measures can go a long way when it comes to keeping track of your bag and making sure it gets where it’s supposed to go. Safe travels!

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