65 Kitchen Products That Are 100% Worth The Money *And* The Drawer Or Counter Space

Reviewers say it’s perfectly leakproof, and great for non-kitchen uses too! BTW. it’s made of BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

Promising review: “I’ve used this bottle daily for almost exactly a year now. I use it for dispensing oil during cooking. It is very easy and fast to use. I just flip the lid off with my thumb and squeeze, which makes me feel like a graceful, quick and efficient chef. Oil doesn’t drip down onto the bottle at all, so my hands never get oil on them and I have no problems with drips either. I simply store the bottle directly on my shelf for quick access, because I have not seen even the slightest hint of an oil ring on my shelf, even after a year of daily use. This bottle is easy to use, clean to use, and comes apart for easy cleaning. And it still looks and feels new, so it is definitely holding up very well with a lot of use. I definitely recommend this little squeeze bottle.” —Jkats

Promising review: “We buy real maple syrup by the gallon & even when decanting into a smaller syrup container or jar, my kiddos always pour way more than they need, wasting $$$$. These squeeze bottles are perfect! I filled the big one with syrup: 5, 8 & 10 year olds can serve themselves without spills, leaks, or dribbles down the side. I filled the smaller one with vegetable oil for cooking – much better to coat the bottom of a skillet than pouring from the quart container the oil comes in. For the syrup, I wash the top every time I refill — the spout tends to get a little bit of crystallization on it, but it doesn’t stop the top from closing. So glad I finally bit the bullet and bought these!” —KateW

Get the 16-ounce bottle from Amazon for $10.94 (also available in a 12-ounce size and as a set of two or a set of three with a 6-ounce size).

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