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7 Techniques to Drive Blog Traffic

Almost every blogger wants more traffic.

Struggling bloggers.

Successful bloggers.

Whether you are a blogging newbie or established pro blogger you can always use a little extra traffic because blog traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. Without traffic, you are running a cyber diary.

Today I want to share 7 tips to help you steadily increase your blog traffic.

1: Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is perhaps the ultimate gateway activity for driving blog traffic for newbies to established bloggers.

Anybody can write a helpful, thorough comment that gets approved and gives you increased exposure.

Blog commenting helps you build bonds with bloggers in your niche, leading to prospering partnerships.

I have been featured on a handful of famous blogs by building friendships through this medium.

Even better? Blog commenting is a low barrier to entry activity, meaning that unless you create a one line comment, you will steer clear of spam folders and get your comments published.

Write a 3-4 paragraph, in-depth comment.

Personalize the comment, addressing your fellow blogger by name.

Thank your fellow blogger for sharing their knowledge and sign off with your name.

If you do blog commenting right you will gain traffic as readers click your link and follow you to your blog, plus the friendships you develop through effective blog commenting will help you drive traffic down the road.

2: Guest Posting

Guest post on blogs from within your nice.

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Guest posting gives you access to large, targeted, established audiences. If you write helpful posts a portion of the blogging community will follow you to your blog.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice. Trash the document after you are done. This habit gives you confidence and clarity in your writing which helps you land guest posts on respected blogs.

As for pitching guest bloggers I prefer to build bonds through blog commenting and promoting others bloggers so I gain invites to guest post, versus pursuing and pitching bloggers.

If you make friends with successful bloggers in your niche and practice writing daily, guest post opportunities will fall into your lap.

3: Share Other Blogger’s Content on Social Media

Generously share other blogger’s content on social media.

Build your blogger friend network.

When your blogging buddies promote you freely your blog traffic will expand.

Share blog content from other bloggers on:

Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive is a fabulous example of someone who puts this concept into action.

We have become friends by sharing each other’s content on social media and by commenting on each other’s blogs.

Each social share strengthens our friendship and also increases our blog traffic, as we are re-introducing our tribe to content from a respected, established blogger.

Promote other bloggers freely.

Help other bloggers get more traffic to increase your blog traffic.

4: Share Other Blogger’s Content on Your Blog

Share snippet-style pieces of content directing your readers to other bloggers.

Mention a new, up and coming blogger who is making waves. Or drop a link to a helpful post your blogging buddy just published.

This is an incredibly easy way to make friends who promote you freely and to add credibility to your blogs posts.

If you need examples, just re-read this post to see how I pepper in links to successful bloggers who publish valuable content.

5: Interview Bloggers

Interview bloggers.

Build friendships.

Increase your blog traffic.

By interviewing bloggers via:

you can introduce your audience to a trusted resource in your niche.

Most people you interview will aggressively promote the blog post with their followings, which is an instant traffic builder.

Seek out top experts in your niche of choice to get the most bang for your interviewing buck.

6: Answer Questions on Quora

Answer questions on Quora.

Build your authority. Drive blog traffic.

A high volume of Quora users take to the network daily to ask probing questions related to a wide range of niches.

Seasoned bloggers drive steady traffic to their blogs by providing answers to pressing questions.

As of this writing I have received 130,000 views on my Quora answers.

Top bloggers like Neil Patel can be spotted offering helpful answers on the network, solidifying their reputation and boosting their blog traffic in the process.

7: Self-Publish eBooks on Amazon

This one is off the beaten path.

But if you realize for a second that Amazon is basically the Google of products you know how oodles of blog traffic can find you through your self-published eBooks on the network.

I have driven a steady amount of traffic via Amazon customers who purchased my 1 or in some cases all of my 124 eBooks then visited my blog from the digital storefront giant.

Write and self-publish bite-sized eBooks tackling common problems in your niche.

Drive traffic to your blog from a huge, targeted audience.

Learn more traffic tips in the video from Ms. Ileane “How to Start a Sustainable Blog!”

Bonus Tip

I struggled horribly blogging-wise for years because I purchased cheap, poor hosting.

I even did the right things to drive blog traffic but when potential readers arrived they were met by snail-slow loads or even worse, my blog had crashed. Bad news, because said readers headed for the hills.

Follow the above tips and do yourself a favor; invest in reputable hosting to augment your traffic-building campaign.

Happy readers who dig the user experience will readily share your blog with their following, boosting your blog traffic.

I recommend reading this in-depth resource published at WHSR to find the right hosting solution for your needs, and to keep your blog traffic flowing:

WHSR Hosting Reviews – The Best Web Hosting List

Your Turn

Are you using these techniques to drive blog traffic?

How are you driving traffic to your blog?

What tips can you add to this list?

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