9 Inflatable Pools To Enjoy All Summer Long

9 Inflatable Pools To Enjoy All Summer Long

Even if you live near a body of water or have access to a community pool, sometimes you just want to take a dip in the comfort of your own backyard — and an inflatable pool may be just the ticket.

These pop-up pools are a relatively affordable and low-fi addition to any yard, patio, deck or little cement area that your landlord has allotted you, and offer a functional (and sometimes even stylish) upgrade from those hard plastic tubs of your childhood.

Before you purchase anything, think about where you want to put your pool to ensure you’re ordering the correct size and shape and make a note of the proximity to a water source. Another thing to consider is your outdoor surface area: Is it flat and relatively smooth, or will you need a tarp or liner to prevent tears and spills on uneven ground? You’ll also need a way to inflate it. Reviewers love this super versatile electric air pump that you can hook into your car if you want to take your pool on the go.  

For every pool listed below, we’ve given the general size and shape as well as any listed specifications. 

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