9 Lower-Impact Ways To Make Your Lawn And Garden Greener

9 Lower-Impact Ways To Make Your Lawn And Garden Greener

“Get a good understanding of how much sunlight your space gets, at what times of day and also what is your climate and environmental conditions like dry and arid, rainy and humid, harsh winds, etc.” Aul Cervoni told us. “The more you adhere to what naturally works in your outdoor space, the easier it will be to maintain, and the less resources will be needed to help it thrive.” 

Another way to use less resources (and do less work) is to fill your space with native plants that inherently work in your climate. 

“Plants indigenous to your area will be thrilled to be planted in your space,” Patrick Farrell, partner at EAS Landscaping LLC in Philadelphia, told HuffPost. “After the initial couple of weeks of coddling, they will immediately know what to do to be a part of your space’s ecology.” 

To learn about what plants and grasses grow best in your area, Farrell recommends going to a local garden store or landscape supply store and asking for recommendations. 

In addition to these tips, our experts suggested lawn care and gardening products to help you get started on your “green” journey. 

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