A Pie Kiosk, A Mouldy Mattress, And 15 Other Wild Things Found In The UK’s Abandoned Buildings

A Pie Kiosk, A Mouldy Mattress, And 15 Other Wild Things Found In The UK’s Abandoned Buildings

If you’ve ever gone down a TikTok rabbit hole watching videos about abandoned places, then you’re not alone.


Urban explorers have found a whole host of chilling disused buildings around the UK, and I for one am shook.


Yes, these scream-worthy places sit among us people.

If you fancy scaring yourself silly (or if you’re more hardcore, then indulging in some light bedtime reading), then read on for some of the eeriest abandoned properties in the country.


1. I’m sorry but why are empty swimming pools so creepy?! This leisure centre closed and now the derelict building looks a little something like this…

Empty pools, a kids’ play area, and even a sorry-looking slide sit unused as a creepy reminder of a once-bustling building.

2. There’s a real life nightmare on Elm Street in Cheshire, as a row of houses has laid empty for years after businesses moved out.

Visible from the M53, these eyesore buildings look like they’ve come straight out of a horror film. Boarded up windows, smashed glass, and discarded furniture are all that’s left. Don’t believe us? Don’t watch this creepy video late at night, just saying.

3. If the now-derelict Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, then I don’t know what will TBH.

Such is the spookiness of this abandoned hospital and orphanage that it’s now used for ghost tours and Halloween events. I’ll give it a miss thanks.

4. Need a place to stay? Rotting furniture awaits you in this disused hotel.

You’d never think it, but this sorry-looking building was once a popular place to stay as you can see from the before photos, but with a mattress as mouldy as this one, it’s a hard pass from me.

5. If nightclubs could speak, I’d imagine they’d have a lot of stories to tell.

That’s why this unused one that closed a mere four years ago is seriously eerie.

6. Liverpool is home to Mossley Manor Care Home, a dilapidated building that’s fallen into disrepair.

If you’re of a jumpy disposition, then look away now because this place is apparently haunted.

7. If you’re familiar with Glasgow, you might have previously stumbled across this abandoned primary school.

Smashed windows were visible from the front of the grand-looking building, and all the greenery stripped away from the once-pretty primary school.

8. In 2016, Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes shut its doors for the very last time.

The food court and outdoor fairground have found themselves overrun by plants in scenes that could be straight outta Zombieland.

9. Speaking of amusement parks, there’s few places more horrifying than the now-empty Camelot theme park in Lancashire.

Its famous castle exterior would once have put a smile on many a thrill-seeker’s face, but now it garners screams of a different kind. The theme park shut in 2012 and has since laid dormant, attracting urban explorers.

10. Meanwhile in Sussex lies Hellingly hospital, another building that has fallen victim to dilapidation.

Photo By Erin O’connor / Getty Images

The psychiatric hospital in a sleepy town was once called the East Sussex County Asylum and has been empty for decades. As this picture shows, the building fell into disarray with debris littering the property.

11. Speaking of empty asylums, the Lancaster Moor hospital closed 23 years ago.

The formerly grandiose building has long been suspected to be haunted by some. TBH when it looks like this, it’s not really hard to see why.

12. Little Chef was once the highlight of every British kid’s family roadtrip (RIP lollipops!)…

But now this spooky-looking abandoned branch could give a haunted house a run for its money!

13. This abandoned theatre in the UK still has many recognisable original features despite its dusty and delapidated interior.

While the auditorium seats surprisingly looking intact, there’s something ultra eerie about a place that once would’ve been the life and soul of the party being allowed to turn into dust.

14. Millmoor football stadium closed in 2008 and also still looks pretty close to its heydey in this video, with the all-important pie kiosk still intact.

As well as an anxiety-inducing police detention room,  you can still see the menu for half-time snacks which included Bovril and steak and kidney pie.

15. In Liverpool, this abandoned hospital still boasts its victorian architecture.

However, thanks to its ripped wallpaper and decaying features, this spooky property is now home to the pigeons of Merseyside.

16. This abandoned UK cinema looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

Featuring old pick ‘n’ mix weighing scales, a sewing machine, and even a dead bird, this is one movie that should come with an 18+ rating.

17. We’d all like to have a nosy around a mansion, but I’m not so sure about this one…

This abandoned property has a basement jam-packed with the previous owner’s possessions, but despite this it still has some of its beautiful original features intact.

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