Advantages, History Of Womens Cowboy Boots

Womens cowboy boots capture the spirit of the West. Over the last couple of years they have become highly fashionable and look great both in summer and winter. Those add a little fun to your wardrobe.

Advantages to wearing cowboy boots

• they have a relatively low heel and are exceptionally comfortable
• they transform any outfit particularly jeans and skirts
• money well spent because they never go out of fashion and last forever
• because they have a small amount of heel and the boot only comes midway up your leg, your legs appear more shapely, slimmer and longer
• womens cowboy boots come in every colour imaginable and there are a pair for everyone’s taste

History of Cowboy Boots

Years of research have shown that there is no first pair of cowboy boots that can be reported in history. Although cowboys were around in the 1700s, the famous Texan cowboy history begins in 1867 and the cowboy boots follow but not as we know them today. They had a one inch heel with square or rounded toes.

In the 1940s the shape changed as we know it today. Women began to wear cowboy boots throughout the fifties.The designs and styles took off when rodeos came about and womens cowboy boots became more of a fashion item as well as a working boot.

Few of the synonymous of cowboy boots are barn dances, cowboys, the wild west, horses, rodeos, and of course country music singers.

Cowboy boots were invented for and by cowboys. A cowboy boot worn by a woman creates quite surprising results.

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