AITA Person Loses Costume Contest To Dog

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People also found both parties at fault.

“ESH. You, for obvious reasons, namely, making a scene. If you had just left it at, ‘Really? The dog one?’ then I would have said NTA. And the host because, well, it was a contest with a cash prize for the best costume, not the cutest costume, and the difference between the two is decidedly there. If it were a contest for the cutest costume, then there would be no grounds to complain, but it wasn’t. It was for the best, and I’m sorry, but a store-bought costume will never be better than a well-made hand-made costume. If it was made by someone who should not be left alone with scissors, then there is a high probability that a store-bought costume would be better.”


“Esh. You for your tantrum — just accept it and move on. The host for making a contest and letting a dog win. Of course, the dog wins, but why even have the contest expecting people to put effort into making a costume by following the contest rules if a dog can enter.”


“ESH – I actually sympathize a bit because it’s shit to have a contest where people do actually put in some effort just to have a dog win, mainly because it’s a dog. That said, life is unfair sometimes, and you have to recognize the fights you can win. It’s worth arguing against the ones you can’t where you have to accept, even if you don’t like it. This was a definite fight you could never win. Now you look like an ah, and everyone is laughing at you because you got mad the dog won the contest, and you got thrown out of the party.”


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