AITA Sister’s Boyfriend Can’t Come To Thanksgiving

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However, some felt it was unfair and that she was unfairly judging him because of his past.

“Ooph. Very (very!) soft YTA, not for your decision but for how you approached it. This is your sister’s partner and the father of her child. You must realize that not inviting him means she can’t attend, but you framed it as though you still expect her to. That’s insensitive and hurtful, even if your reasoning for not wanting him in your home is valid.”


“YTA. His record is from prior to meeting your sister and creating their child. He has not been arrested, charged, or accused since. You have no idea who was responsible for the missing items from your parents’ house. Your parents have not accused him or spoken to your sister about the missing items. Instead, they welcome him over, and nothing has been taken since. Either they don’t think he did it, they know he didn’t, or they don’t care. Excluding someone from a family gathering after they have been there for two years, helping parent their child, and being a good partner to your sister is making it very difficult for your sister and nibbling to attend family events. You are allowed to only invite people to your home you want there. That’s fine. Don’t try and justify it by talking unsubstantiated crap about the person. You don’t like him. That’s ok. Don’t try and justify it and act like he’s still an active criminal when you have zero evidence for that.”


“Your house, your rules. But if I were your family, I would have our own party for the whole family and either you could go or not. It’s not fair to your sister’s kid that their dad is excluded from family events. YTA, but it’s your house….That’s why you shouldn’t host events.”


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