Austin Butler And Jodie Comer Interview: The Bikeriders

We sat down with Jodie Comer and Austin Butler, who play Kathy and Benny, to discuss making the film, their acting process, and what they’ve been getting up to for fun lately.

The Bike Riders is such a beautiful film, so relatable in a way that I, too, will always chase a red flag around. I thought the film was really about wanting the sense of community and people wanting something where they can have an outlet just for fun. So I wanted to ask the both of you, what is it that you do just for fun? 
What do I do for fun? Now I feel miserable!
Austin: What is fun? You know, something that I started doing a few years ago, which I picked back up and I realised it was just for fun, was painting. Just the feeling of it not being about any result. And pottery. 
Jodie: I feel like a good dance in the kitchen whilst cooking, for fun. 
Austin: Ooh, that’s a good one. What song? What song can you not do but dance to? 
Jodie: I don’t know, I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it! Beah, I would say that. Dancing in the kitchen, solid. 

Austin, I’ve touched on how you’re a red flag in this film. Obviously, you’re not in real life, but in this film, you are a red flag. And Kathy is chasing after you because you’re her guilty pleasure, I would say. So, we all have guilty pleasures, what would you say yours are?
I’ve got a lot of pleasure, but I don’t know if I’m guilty about it. But, yeah, what’s a guilty pleasure of yours? 
Jodie: I put used matchsticks back in the matchsticks box, and I didn’t realise how psychotic that was. 
Austin: So, then you just mix it in with the other ones? 
Jodie: Yeah. 
Austin: So do you ever pull one out that’s already mixed? 
Jodie: Yeah, and I’m like, oh, f***. But it’s just part of the thing. 
Austin: And then you stick it back in?
Jodie: No, then I put it in the bin.
I feel like it can be quite dangerous. Are you waiting for it to fully burn out before you put it in? Because what if you just then ignited the whole rest of the box? 
That’s true. Well, maybe now I’m not going to do that. Someone pointed it out to me recently, and then I felt a bit guilty about it. I mean, an obvious one is reality television. Some sort of housewives of an area. Have you seen that show Couples Therapy? That’s a good one. 
Austin: I did Love is Blind recently. That was crazy. 
Jodie: Are you in? Is that what you’re now watching?
Austin: Oh, yeah, I watched the full thing. Yeah, I felt guilty every time, but I kept coming back for more. 

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