Baby Gravy Propose Musical Throuple With Justin Bieber

Baby Gravy Propose Musical Throuple With Justin Bieber

Throuples are having having a moment right now in entertainment. If you had to include a third person in your group to form a musical throuple, who would it be, and what do you think they’d bring to the table?

Yung Gravy: Justin Bieber. I think he’d bring everything. 

bbno$: I kind of agree. Weirdly enough, I don’t even know if I need to explain what he would bring to the table. 

Yung Gravy: If we could just pick anybody I think Justin Bieber, because then he’d bring everything and we could just chill. 

bbno$: He would bring literally everything. Yo, have you ever seen him perform live, Matt? It’s insane. No, I was clowning him, obviously because it’s like, “Oh. It’s Justin Bieber. Every girl is obsessed with him.” He gets up on stage. He’s like, effortlessly, perfect in pitch. 

Yung Gravy: I would super love to go see him. 

bbno$: I was so taken. I was like ‘Dude. This is mesmerising.” He’s an absolute savant, it’s so crazy dude. 

Yung Gravy: I think if we couldn’t get Justin Bieber we’d get Chief Keef. 

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